Kenyan athletes are beasting all over the place! Medal after medal after medal is sailing our way, especially after the IAAF (which is a track and field event, so you know we’re going to slay), where we came out with 16 medals total. Topping the table. Duh.

Not surprisingly, Kenyan brands have taken it upon themselves to congratulate the Rudishas and Suums of our generation – or more specifically, Yego, who threw the third longest javelin throw in history. EABL decided to use his likeness and make an ad – congratulating him. Si they should have just tweeted and sent some Tuskers?

Speaking of toxic relationships between athletes and advertisers, what toxic relationships are you guys in? An idiot family member? A manipulative friend? A touchy feely co-worker? Let us know how you deal with that poison after you watch the episode.

For all this and more watch YDoWeDoIt Episode 13 here:

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