You Add Him On Facebook

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You add him on Facebook
You check his pictures.
He Drives A Golf 6/7 GTI
He confirms.
He inboxes you.
You reply, all excited.

You’ll want to hook up.
You set a date.
You dress up that legging with no underwear,
You smell good
You put on a makeup – fresh breath & new weave

He takes you for
lunch to
He takes you for drinks at Zygoz
You two have a good time.
He rubs your hand,
Makes you laugh,
Gives you looks
and smiles.
You fall in love.
It’s like you’ve known him forever.
He takes you to his apartment.
He makes you feel comfortable and lays
you on

He rubs it gently,
Kiss you passionately .
Pulls your leggings ,
They’re too tight but he manages to take ’em off
You love his aggression ,
strength, power & you give in .
It feels good.
You know it’s wrong, but it feels
good .
You ask for protection, he says it’s too
You obey & don’t disturb.
He says he loves you
& you don’t hesitate to say
you love him too.
He fucks you
He pulls out, goes to the
kitchen to get a glass of water.
He helps you drink it,
Ohh man!
You feel special.
He must be the one, you think
to yourself
You get dressed.
He takes you to the taxi rank
He kisses
you on the cheek and
“I had a great time,”
Gives You Shs.2500
You smile & say
” See you tomorrow babe ” .
He stays silent.

Your taxi drives away,
In the taxi you can’t stop

You get home & inbox him
that you got home safe.
He is online,
It’s unlike him, so you inbox him again.
He doesn’t respond.

Minutes later
you can’t find him on your friend list.
He blocked you.
Days, weeks, a month passes by.
You start feeling sick, weak, lose weight, act strange with sores
In your mouth.
You go to the clinic.
Get tested.
Minutes later,
“I’m sorry.You’re HIV Postive& Pregnant”
You don’t understand.
Reality hits you.
You walk home.
Confused .

You go to the train railway.
You lay, hopeless, emotionless.
You hear the chugging drawing nearer.
You look into the sky & mumble a prayer.
Bright Lights hit your face, and then
You see the red curtains of your soul.

© Mugo Mutegi


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  1. I like this poem. I enjoy the way it tackles the subject of ‘love’ the materiality of it all, the opportunism of men and women, with so much ease.

    I don’t like the punctuation and some line breaks look so contrived. Don’t you think ‘train railway’ is tautologous?

    • Oti my guy. You just had to say ‘tautologous’ instead of ‘repetitive’. Eish yawa. Ujaluo ni kisungu.
      I guess you are right about that. Good job.

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