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The photographer and a festival: a pictory

If I tell you I do not think the next Safaricom Jazz Festival will be amazing, I will be lying. Because this last one taught me to hold my reservation off, and just show up to enjoy the music.

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The sound of a community

African Twist was all the rave. Daudi Kabaka had started a wildfire in Kenya. Another man from Kakamega, with a homemade guitar had created a new guitar picking style that nobody could replicate. He had created a smash hit, had a huge love scandal, and then died under tragic circumstances. But the legend of George Mukabi and his omutibo guitar had already achieved immortality.

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How to be a politician

“The biggest mistake any person interested in politics can make is to apply rules generally applicable to regular human beings to Nigeria.”

Places the Magunga

Kisumo pacho

You know, there is this small jealousy that used to choke us people of the…


Running Wild

I am torn between getting a bike or a Kadudu. With a bike I will…

Lifestyle Coach Kavutha at Safaricom Jazz

A woman jazzed

You’ve only ever seen her before in the stuff that dreams are made of, surrounded…

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Havana state of mind

The first time I descended those stairs, it was the scent of sweat, halfway down,…

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