Tales From The US Embassy

So today I had breakfast with the United States Ambassador to Kenya Please, remain seated Thank you Thank you very much Moving on swiftly, the breakfast was a total spoiler, not...

Time’s Up

One can never be said to have lived life, until they have lived through a lurid chapter in their lives Bad things inevitably and irrevocably find us all Be it an estranged wife...

The Tears I Can’t Cry

I have been staring at this blank word document for the past half an hour trying in vain to find the words that would attempt to bring out this story the way it happened The way...

No Regrets, Just Lessons

I am all alone at home, staring into the darkness that has blanketed what used to be a lively place My mother is away, again My brothers are lakes and rivers away from home, and...

Best Kenyan Blog of the Year - BAKE Awards 2017Winners

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