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Bachelor Diaries
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The patient

So what is this nonsense about you going to where you grew up for Christmas and catching malaria, eh? Your entire life, you have never caught malaria. Then you spend a week in Nyanza and all of a sudden the whole medical profession cannot have peace? There is no way your home could have given you malaria, not after 28 years. Kwani which mosquitoes have been biting you your whole life? Ai. Chokeee! What kind of upside-down science are they teaching in universities these days? Or is your name no longer Magunga?

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You did this

You people think we are stupid, donge? Uparo ni wiwa odhiek gi nyuka monindo? Hmmm. We are not children to be so easily amused. This your government has shown us things.  Many things. But not justice.

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Bad Manners

I consider myself lucky though, you know? Imagine if things were different. Like it I was a girl, or if I was from a highly religious family, or both. Like Zahra. Imagine if I was a Zahra and got pregnant. Imagine if I was a boy, but had feelings for another boy and we were caught pants down (in every meaning of that phrase). This story would have been completely different, and most likely, more tragic.

Places the Magunga
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Kisumo pacho

You know, there is this small jealousy that used to choke us people of the lake especially with regards to people of the mountain. And…

Long Reads Mount Kenya as seen from Lewa Conservancy | by Japicha
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Picture this. A man on a black mamba that is no longer black. He rides around it in the neighbourhood, sometimes nipping in and out…

Capture Kenya Homabay County, ACK Guest House
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The Stend

So this is what happened yesterday. Kasichana Nyar Namchumbi and I walk into the Kisumu stend, dragging our suitcases like we are trying to catch…

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