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9 Over his dead body

I have always been that kid who only shows promise but is never the best at anything. If I knew how to switch off that…

13 Class Dismissed

There is a reason I call my mom Mother Karua. It is because of the kind of person she used to be when we were…

4 A Terrible Misteak

I love meat. I always have. Sometimes people do not just understand just how much I am committed to my relationship with meat. If you…

61 Let Me Introduce Myself

Sometimes jaber cruises us down Thika Road in her Toyota Cami. It is a small car and when the needle slides past 80, it registers…

37 Maranda

This is not the school that sits at the center of Bondo District, no. It stands at the heart of it. The highest point in…

18 Defying the Games Master

I have been searching my brain for his name, but it just won’t come. All I have are vague memories of his face, and receding…

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