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The Bargain

*** The previous semester. I was not even planning on going for that party. Being a student leader, and a fourth year, there was a…

Short Stories the Magunga
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Dominique. Now that is a lovely name. On a normal day, she is five foot four. However, this is no ordinary day or rather night.…

Campus the Magunga
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Angels and Demons

Heels were made for a lady who was kissed on the forehead. #BikoZulu Well, last week Parklands Campus (UoN, of course- is there any other?)…

Campus the Magunga
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Karibuni Parklands

In the medieval epoch of the English empire rule, when the crusaders and knight templars dictated what sin was, it was a transgression for just…

People the Magunga
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I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic Church going family. For close to two and a half years I had to forgo the…

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