Author: Wanja Kavengi

I am an exhausted mother in wine-stained pyjamas.

It was a hot day. Baba was sitting on an old, shredded reed mat under a baobab tree in the homestead, with his aching back leaning against its trunk. He was looking ahead in the horizon with a faraway gaze in his tired eyes and absentmindedly chewing his lower lip. His strong arms were crossed at his chest and his legs stretched out on the mat. His aged, wrinkled skin was flaky and scaly and scarred, like the skin of the snake whose poison killed Mama, his first wife, during the season of the long rains in the previous year.…

Baba’s Child (Part One) via @theMagunga
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The difference between men and women is in how they handle their laundry. 1. Wearing Clothes Women A woman will wear her clothes once. Her blouses will be carefully ironed, with all the buttons intact. Where a button is missing and she HAS to wear that blouse, a small safety pin will be used. She will wear deodorant to avoid yellowing the blouses under the armpits. When, say, some coffee spills on her, she will panic and run to a sink and splash water on her blouse to clean off the coffee, and maybe rush home to change into another…

Men, Women and Laundry via @theMagunga
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If my son was to be kidnapped, here’s how I would handle the situation. This is how our WhatsApp conversation would go. *** Kidnappers: Wanja, We have your son. If you want to see him again, you have 24 hours to meet one of us under the main bridge at midnight. Come with 1 million. Cash. Come alone. Call the cops and we will not hesitate killing your little boy. Wanja: *Two blue ticks* Kidnappers: Miss. Wanja, We still have your son. You have 10 more hours to give us what we want, and we will give you back your son. 1 million. Under…

Wanja Kavengi and her Son’s Kidnappers via @theMagunga
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