Looking into his eyes that night, she knew exactly what she wanted, which was unusual, because she hardly ever had anything figured out.

They had been friends for a while now and she always knew that her fondness of him was a little above the friendly limit. She’d smile at the thought of him, her heart would flutter at the mention of his name and her knees melted at the sound of his voice. His touch reduced her into a hodgepodge of a thoughts and emotions.

See, she had refrained from letting herself give into her girlish infatuation of him. This day though, it felt like the stars had aligned to cause a flood of lovelust upon her entire being.

His very presence in the same room as her was a cause for her heart rate spike. She tried to avoid his gaze as he asked questions to directly to her. She answered them better this way. His eyes seemed to be her weakest connection point with him. The few times she had looked directly into them, she was searching for something, an indication of what his thoughts were, but he was a master at hiding his deep seated thoughts and desires. Half of the time, she made intelligent guesses of what he wanted or meant.

Tonight, she’d decided to seek out her own intentions.

“Maybe if I allow myself to let my real emotions show, and not just act goofy and funny, maybe he’ll see it. Maybe he’ll show me his heart. Maybe I’ll see it through his glassy eyes”, she mused.

She made every move the rest of the night with the intention to catch his attention, and keep it. She moved light on her feet, twirled as she turned to let her free skirt hug to her form, she giggled a little lighter and touched his bicep each time she did. When separated by people in the crowd, she spoke to other people with her eyes trained on him; willing him to look her way above the crowd and whenever he did, she held his gaze for a few seconds and let it go, while looking down and tucking strands of her hair behind her ear.

The mixer came to an need and it was time to bid people goodbye. She stood at her door, thanking every one for coming and she noticed that he hang back, clearing the tables of discarded paper cups, plates and napkins. She smiled, her heart warmed at the gesture.

When they’d all left, she walked back into the living room asking him to stop clearing up as a cleaning lady would be in the next day to assist her straighten up the place. A ball of tension rolled in her tummy and exploded into a swarm of butterflies as he walked toward her.

“That was a great night”, he said taking her palm into his, for what seemed to be no reason. He looked right into her eye and said, “you were great tonight”.

Her eyes fell to the floor as she blushed and giggled. Her stance shifting nervously.

When she looked up, her eyes met his and her world spun. As much as she wanted to avert them, she couldn’t. For some reason, she remained fixated on his eyes for the longest time in the history of their knowing each other. She was overcome by emotions, overwhelmed. As she looked into his eyes, wave after wave of lovelust washed over her.

She knew exactly what she wanted.

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