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Campus the Magunga
Room-mate Dysfunction

For all of you men living in campus hostels who thought that your girlfriends know you best, please stop kidding yourself.  Your girlfriend only knows…

Campus the Magunga

Praise the Lord crazy people. God is good, all the time. OK, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about holy…

Campus the Magunga
A Woman Conned

I didn’t quite catch her name, so let’s name her Kate. I met Kate outside our campus gates, distraught, cheated. She let me in on…

Campus the Magunga
Birds and Bees

Sex is a way of life in campus. At every single moment, there is a couple in a campus somewhere getting laid. And with the…

Campus the Magunga
Every Goon For Himself…

Parents, that entry they make on your son/daughter’s school fee, the one named ‘security’, it’s not for his/her security. Do not be fooled. It is…

Campus the Magunga
Pombe Si Supu

When the legislation on control of alcohol consumption as passed last year, almost everyone went up in arms to protest it. The Member of Parliament…

Relationships the Magunga
Love and Taxes

Sometimes we like pointing fingers at Cupid for love affairs going sour, because, honestly speaking; he can be really irresponsible when he chooses to. Such are the times when…